Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Does life ever get easier? I feel like whenever things start going good, something always has to come and screw it up. i can't wait until I have enough money so I can move out of the hellhole I live in. I understand people make mistakes, so why can't people ever be forgiven? I messed up in school. and i had to pay those concequences, but why do my parents still make me feel like shit about it. Atleast I didn't drop out of school, and just give up. Stress has begun to take over my life. If I didn't have a few good friends, and an amazing boyfriend I would feel so alone. It is the worst feeling in the world to be surrounded by so many people, but yet, you still feel so alone ... The summer is almost over, and i did absolutely nothing but work. It was also one of the best summers because i met the most amazing person ever :] and i realized alot of things about people and life. Knowledge is a gift. Blahhh, off to work again. I miss him so muchhhh !! A skylit drive, i love their music :]

62609 - best day of my life. I love him.

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