Saturday, August 15, 2009


Well, I decided to start this blog because of Dary, whose pretty cool. After a year of complete stress heartache , and misery I've finally met the boy of my dreams Michael Michelle Nathan Laryea. He is the most amazing person ive ever met in my entire life. He makes me so happy. His presence alone melts away all my stress, and leaves me with a peramant smile. He is sweet, kind, caring, loving, mysterious, and more. He is beautiful on the inside and out. He is so talented, and i love him with all my heart. It is an honor to have him in my life, and a miracle that he is mine. The feelings i get when i talk to him, or when i see him is indescribeable. True happiness, is the most amazing feeling, and i hope one day everyone incounters it. Never take anyone you love for granted, because you never know what can happen.

62609 was the best day of my life !

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